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New book due out Autumn 2004 titled Wicked Willie Reloaded, retail price £6.99

Wicked Willie Reloaded Book cover (Caption on the willie with the condom reads: "OK, Hand over the phone book")Wicked Willie, aka Man’s Best Friend, first assaulted public decency nearly 20 years ago with outrageous revelations about his life involving just about everyone on the planet. Some were shocked, some were aghast, but most were tickled and amused, and as a result bought over five million of his books. Wicked Willie: Reloaded is a tour of the world of Willie, including a bit of history, friendships, casual or otherwise and above all, great, humorous cartoons. Subjects include:

  • Where Willie Came From
  • Love
  • The Dating Game
  • Alcohol
  • The Real Thing
  • DIY Sex
  • Safe Sex
  • and many more.


To win a copy of "Wicked Willie Reloaded" write a caption to the cartoon below. Gray Joliffe will judge the 20 best winning entries.

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